March 3, 2024


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Seasoning Powder dan Seasoning Paste

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After knowing the difference between seasoning and flavor in the previous article, this time we will explain the common forms/types of seasoning in the market, namely seasoning powder and seasoning paste. But before that, we will explain again about the definition of seasoning in general. Seasoning in Indonesian is a mixture of spices and other ingredients such as sugar, salt, flavoring and others. There are 2 types of seasoning that are commonly used in food, namely seasoning powder and seasoning paste. Check out the explanation and advantages of each type of seasoning.

Seasoning powder
Seasoning powder is a powdered seasoning and usually has a long shelf life due to its low water content. Seasoning powder can be applied to various types of food, for example added to cooking/culinary, snacks, bakery and processed meat. The application is also not difficult, in general it can be directly sprinkled. Storage can be done at room temperature and in tightly closed conditions to prevent caking of the seasoning.

Seasoning paste
Seasoning paste is a paste-shaped seasoning. Seasoning paste contains fresh ingredients that are mashed into a paste form so that the flavor profile is more authentic and natural. The high water content causes seasoning paste to have a shorter shelf life compared to seasoning powder. The application of seasoning paste is also easy and easy to use.

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