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Try The New Year’s Ball Drop Frappuccino From Starbucks’ Secret Menu!

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Starbucks Frappuccino

All of us regular patrons at Starbucks would surely know about their secret menu, which has several divine options. These new options on the secret menu shine more around holidays, like New Year’s Eve and Day! So, this year, how about trying out this new addition that you can easily make at your nearest Starbucks location?!

Starbucks Frappuccino

Make a new option from the Starbucks secret menu, known as the ‘New Year’s Ball Drop.’ This secret menu is inspired by the Ball Drop at Times Square every year on New Year’s Eve! It is a lovely take on complete chocolate indulgence! 

Some of the secret menu items at Starbucks are truly mind-blowing. It is especially true around Halloween and Christmas, as the options seem endless, and the flavor variations are plenty! 

However, this new secret menu item that some people created for New Year’s day is breaking the internet! In this article, let us look at how you can order one for yourself!

What Is The New Year’s Ball Frappuccino Like? 

Now you all know where exactly the inspiration for this secret menu item comes from. However, it still may need to be clarified to many of you what the flavors of this frappuccino are all about! Well, if you truly love some chocolate, then this frappuccino is truly divine and definitely worth a try! 

The New Year’s Ball frappuccino from Starbucks has flavors inspired by an old drink on their secret menu. Starbucks used to have a drink called ‘The Black And White Frappuccino,’ which is exactly what the base flavors of this frappuccino are. However, it is finished with a cake pop on top as an added touch from their original inspiration. 

How To Order The New Year’s Ball Frappuccino At Starbucks? 

Starbucks New Year's Ball Drop Frappuccino

As this is a secret menu item, the barista wouldn’t know what you are talking about if you asked them to make one of these. So, it is important to remember or know how to order this drink. Fret not. I have given a complete guide on asking your barista to make one of these for you! 

Although, before we begin, do remember that you will have to pay extra for the cake pop, as it isn’t a part of the frappuccino. However, the overall frappuccino is so delicious that you won’t regret paying extra for that cake pop! Now, let us look at how to order one of these. 

Ingredients Needed To Make New Year’s Ball Frappuccino :

  1. White Chocolate Creme Frappuccino
  2. Mocha Drizzle
  3. Whipped Cream
  4. Chocolate Curls
  5. Chocolate Cake Pop

Instructions To Make New Year’s Ball Frappuccino : 

  1. Ask the barista to add a mocha drizzle to the cup. 
  2. Top it off with a white chocolate creme frappuccino. 
  3. Add whipped cream and chocolate curls on top. 
  4. Ask for a chocolate cake pop on the side and place it upright in the middle of the drink. 
  5. There you have it. Your New Year’s Ball Frappuccino is ready! 


For New Year’s, you can try a new secret menu item at Starbucks this year. Flavors inspired by one of their old drinks and the design from the ball drop at Times Square. This drink is the perfect paradise for anyone who loves chocolate drinks from Starbucks! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can this secret menu item be ordered at any Starbucks? 

Yes, if the outlet has all the ingredients mentioned above, you can order this secret menu item at any Starbucks location. 

What is the price of this secret menu item?

As this frappuccino is from the secret menu, there is no fixed price for this item. 

Will this new frappuccino be available only around New Year’s Day? 

When the location has all the ingredients mentioned above, you can order this frappuccino any time of the year! 

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