Polenta Versus Grits: What’s the Difference?

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Both polenta and grits are manufactured from stone-floor cornmeal, dried corn that’s floor down into smaller sized, coarse bits. So, what’s the change amongst polenta versus grits? Are they the same component with different names, or is there far more heading on listed here?

Some persons imagine the variation lies in geography: the Italian model is known as polenta whilst the Southern variation is acknowledged as grits. Many others feel that polenta is built with yellow corn although grits are always created with white corn.

Right here, we dig into the the serious tale of the similarities and variances between polenta and grits.

Polenta Compared to Grits: What’s the Big difference?

Polenta is a sort of stone-floor cornmeal that at first hails from Northern Italy. It ordinarily has a dazzling yellow hue, even though paler and white versions exist. When cooked, it develops a paste-like consistency that retains its shape, as in these crispy polenta cakes.

With roots in the United States, significantly amongst Indigenous communities and the South, grits are a type of stone-ground cornmeal. They can be yellow or white, and are inclined to have a chunkier regularity with inconsistently sized particles. They’re usually cooked into a creamy porridge, like these Cheese Grits.

When to Invest in Grits compared to Polenta

For many, the confusion will come down to your time in the grocery retailer. You have received a polenta recipe or a grits recipe and you’re browsing for it and you see almost nothing in the store that states “grits” and perhaps absolutely nothing in the shop that indicates “polenta.” That is mainly because you’re truly seeking for stone-ground coarse cornmeal and this is in which it will become challenging.

But in actuality, the differences are reasonably slender. Acquire coarse cornmeal at the shop and get in touch with it a day. And if you’re out on the city and you like polenta, check out ordering grits next time (and vice versa).

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