Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review 2022 – Black Friday Sale

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I am very firmly on Team Iced Coffee all year round, no matter the temps — yes, even during winter. Regular coffee, a honey lavender latte, matcha (okay, so this isn’t coffee per se, but it still has caffeine!) — no matter what the drink is, if it’s not cold, I don’t want it. If I’m brewing coffee at home (which I usually do), then I’m likely making a batch of cold brew in my trusty Takeya cold brew maker. 

I’ve had it for about five years now and it’s definitely paid for itself many times over. In fact, you can score a sweet discount on the 1-quart cold brew maker during Amazon’s Black Friday Sale — it’s down from $27.99 to $22.39, making it even more affordable as a gift for yourself or for a fellow iced coffee stan.  

Cold brew coffee is brewed in cold water instead of hot (hence the name), and coffee grounds are steeped overnight for a smooth drink without much work on your end. It’s easiest to do in a container with a mesh basket or lining, which is what the Takeya bottle is. To make cold brew in the Takeya, you fill up the interior basket with ground beans of your choice, secure it to the lid, and then fill up the brewer with cold water. Give it all a shake and then just let it sit overnight in the fridge for ready-to-drink cold brew. Because it’s been in the fridge overnight, it’s thoroughly chilled so there’s no need for extra ice to cut through the much-needed caffeine (unless you want to, but I mean, why would you?) 

Former commerce editor Sholeen Damarwala also has two Takeya brewers and ingeniously uses one to make simple syrups for coffee and cocktails, an idea she got from a coffee shop in Seoul, Korea. She’d pop in mint leaves, fennel seeds, or cardamom into the basket and let them infuse overnight with the sugar-and-water mix. This saves her from hovering over a stove to make the syrup, and helps avoid making the syrup bitter or too concentrated. “The end result? Flavor-packed simple syrup that truly elevates even the most badly made cup of coffee to a whole new level,” she says.  

Whether you use the Takeya brewer for coffee, cocktails, or infusions, you’ll want to grab one (or two!) during Amazon’s Black Friday sale. It’s wallet-friendly and will pay for itself in no time, and it’s a versatile and easy-to-use brewer. In fact, at this price, I’m grabbing another brewer so I can make even more cold brew.

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