Gluten free cookies, Melt Aways or Sequilhos!!!

Gluten free cookies, Melt Aways or Sequilhos!!!

These cute little gluten free cookies are so easy. You will be amazed at how few ingredients you need to make them. No eggs, no butter and no gluten!

gluten free cookies with condensed milk and lemon icing

Kids love these. They aren’t fancy, just morish, in fact, they are so small and delicious it’s easy to eat 4 before you know you have.

Condensed milk cookies

These have to be the easiest biscuits or cookies you will ever make. Everyone always says this about every recipe right? This is true.

They only have 4 ingredients. No beating, just a little mixing, and rolling.

Shortbread cookies and lemon icing

What’s in them?

  • Condensed milk: Just ordinary tinned condensed milk. This provides the sweetness and the milky component of these shortbreads. Even though they are made with condensed milk, surprisingly they are not in the least bit sweet
  • Butter: This of course gives the “shortbread” element of shortness to the cookies. Combined with condensed milk butter cooks up into a short crumbly biscuit texture that is irresistible
  • cornflour. makes the cookies gluten free and nice and short and crumbly
  • Vanilla or lemon. These two flavouring are completely optional but one or the other will flavour the cookies nicely. Both are wonderful
Steps to making cornflour cookies
  1. The few ingredients that make the Sequilhos Cookies. Condensed milk, butter, cornflour and lemon or vanilla
  2. A bowl with softened butter and condensed milk. The butter needs to be nice and soft or you will end up with lumps of butter
  3. Butter and condensed milk mixed up well together
  4. Adding the cornflour and mixing to a nice dough
The dough for cornflor cookies
This is a gluten free dough made with condensed milk, butter and cornflour
weighing out dough for cookies
The dough is weighed in 20 gm balls
A full tray of rolled Sequilhos cookies
The ingredients for the icing
The ingredients for lemon icing
Just iced tray of lemon cookies
Dripping delicious lemon icing

Add other flavours to these cookies too!

You can add other flavours to these cookies too!

Add dried spices like cinnamon, cardamom or even ginger to the dough or even zest of orange instead of lemon zest

These special little balls can be filled with chocolate or sugared ginger or even dried fruits. To make your icing you could use orange juice or even passionfruit. woo hoo!

A plate of cornstarch cookies with 3 ingredients

The inspo for these little babies came from TikTok.@bdylanhollis who is:

Your mid-century baking specialist 🙂
Exploring vintage recipes one horror at a time.

I watched the talented Dylan Hollis make these beauties on his 8.4 million follower Tik tok, and then I went looking for them. There were a few recipes on the internet all different but all fun. Dylan saw them in a vintage cookbook from 1919.

I had no idea gluten free cookies were a thing way back then.

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Gluten free cookies, Melt Aways or Sequillhos

These little stir together shortbread gluten free cookies are not sweet, so you’ll find yourself eating at least 4 before you know it. Easy to make for anybody anywhere

Prep Time 20 mins

Cook Time 15 mins

Course Biscuits, Cookies, gluten free cookies, shortbread

Cuisine brazilian, gluten free



  • 125 gm butter, melted not hot
  • 200 gm condensed milk 1/2 tin / 395gm can
  • 260 gm cornflour 1 3/4 cups
  • 30 gm cornflour extra ONLY IF NEEDED
  • 1 Tblespoon lemon zest * optional zested ultra fine
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla* optional

Lemon Icing

  • 20 ml lemon juice 1 lemon (1 to 2 Tablespoons)
  • 80 gm icing sugar, mixture 1/2 cup
  • icing sugar extra for dusting



  • Set the oven to 160 C / 320F. Line two baking trays with baking paper. Or 1 large tray

  • Whisk together the softened butter and the condensed milk with the lemon zest and vanilla until well combined

  • Add all the 260 gm of cornflour and stir in gradually. It will take a bit of mixing, but combine all the cornflour well

  • The mixture should be just sticky and easy to roll into balls. If it is too sticky add the extra 30 gm of cornflour (but this should not be the case). By adding more cornflour the biscuits become drier so go easy.

  • Roll into even sized 20 gm balls about the size of a walnut (if you’ve ever seen one of those). You should get around 24 and I weighed mine

  • Put all of them side by side onto a tray and bake for approximately 15 minutes. They look butter when they don’t brown too much.

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